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Publications in Journals

  1. Dr Arkalgud Ramaprasad, Director is a coauthor of the following paper published recently:
    La Paz, A., Merigó, J. M., Powell, P., Ramaprasad, A., & Syn, T. (2019). Twenty‐five years of the Information Systems Journal: A Bibliometric and Ontological Overview. Information Systems Journal
  2. Ajay Chandra, & Arkalgud, R. (2019). A thought for talent: An education policy should identify, nurture and capitalise on the nation’s talent, published on August 04 2019.(Know more)
  3. Reddy, S., & Arkalgud, R. (2019). Reframing the Problem of Statelessness: Quest for a Supra-Legal Perspective. Oregan Law Review for April 2019 Issue, 12.
  4. Acharya, V., Halanaik, B., Ramaprasad, A., Swamy, T. R. K., Singai, C. B., & Syn, T. (2019). Transboundary Sharing of River Water: Informating the Policies. River Research and Applications, 161–170.
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Publications of Books :

  1. Sreeganga, S., Mitra, S. G., & Ramaprasad, A. (2020). Architecture of a Learning Surveillance System for Malaria Elimination in India. 13th International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies (BIOSTEC 2020), Volume 5: HEALTHINF, 377–382.
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