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Interstate river water distribution in India – research paper for a conference and prospective proposal foran evidence based study
Interstate river water distribution in India – The research studies and maps the policy and practice followed in India when it comes to the matters of river water distribution. The research also considers the international best practices, principles and the global learning from the problems faced on water sharing. The framework developed by extensive study of literature can be the cornerstone for further academic research as well as, for developing innovative solutions by the policymakers for the new age water sharing problems. The contribution in terms of developing of framework and the literature gathering will serve as one stop destination for the analyzing the current state of water management when it comes to water sharing.

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Childhood wellness, health,
and education
Childhood Wellness, health, and education – The study revolves around the childhood education, health and care for children. The research studies the problem of children health and education from various lenses of public policy engagement research in policy development and possible policy recommendations, program evaluation and program improvement. The outcome of this research will be the foundation for policy briefs and working papers which can be used for advocating positive changes in the state/central policy implementation. The study will also help NGO’s/civil societies engage in deliberations with stakeholders involved in child health and education in terms of policy advocacy.
National Health Policy and its implementation by the states

National Health Policy and its implementation by the states – This research studies the National health policy of India.

Assessment of India’s 2017National Health Policy

Assessment of India’s National Health Policy of 2017 – The assessment of National Health Policy of 2017 is based on the healthcare delivery front of the policy. The framework is developed by extensive literature review on assessment of National Health policies of China, Chile and Australia. The framework comprehensively covers all the aspects of healthcare delivery for various groups of population and different types of care for them. The research can help to strengthen the areas which are least taken care at the time of policy making.

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Consultation to the Committee to Draft the National Educational Policy, 2017 – constituted by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

National Education Policy 2017 – The country is taking stock of the overall education system after a gap of 25 years by constituting a committee to draft the National Education Policy-2017. The RPPC has been identified as one of the knowledge partners in assisting the committee to draft the NEP-2017. The situation analysis of the education system in the country is the most critical outcome of the project. The RPPC provides an ontological framework for analyzing the ‘light spots’, ‘blind spots’ and ‘bright spots’ across various themes/issues and levels of education. Unlike erstwhile national policies on education, the NEP-2017 with the assistance of the RPPC proposes to construct an evidence-based policy framework.

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Cultural Informatics – Leapfrogging India’s antiquated
Heritage & Antiquity laws

Cultural Informatics – This research studies all the legislation’s in India pertaining to antiquity and preserving the antiquities in a systematic manner with the help of an ontological framework. The research finds that a digital strategy will help in the conservation of vast cultural wealth possessed by India in antiquities. The ‘light spots’ and ‘blind spots’ are brought into fore to help researchers/policy makers focus on the areas which needs urgent attention.

Assessing the concept of ‘Smart City’ and its realization

Assessing the concept of smart city and its realization – The research studies the aspirational vision to develop smart cities in India from public policy perspective.

Information systems to manage local climate change effects
Information systems to assess climate change –

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Incidence of Fiscal Policy – Case study of Karnataka
(in collaboration with ISEC, Bengaluru)

Incidence of Fiscal Policy – Fiscal Incidence study is an important assessment study in public finance. The study helps to find the areas where government needs to focus its expenditure. The research broadly studies the effects of government expenditure in backward and forward districts in Karnataka. The study aims to find the impact of government expenditure on various socio-economic categories/groups in rural as well as urban areas of both forward and backward districts.


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