Services will be planned and implemented to take the learning beyond classroom walls. For example, conducting public health screening and awareness camps will provide the space to test and validate the recent research findings. The validated findings must be channelized into research communications and gradually worked towards bringing changes in policy documents. Outreach to public or contribution to the society will be a key function of RPPC. RPPC will be committed to working in close partnership with the larger community to address significant public policy issues.
It will nurture a mutually beneficial relationship with the people of Bengaluru because the welfare of the people and the work of the Center are inextricably linked — each will be dependent upon the vitality and vision of the other. The Center will use its resources to address problems that are important to the stakeholders and to bring better understanding to significant public policy issues. RPPC will disseminate public policy information and address community issues beyond the classroom through policy literacy programs, policy awareness camps, community forums, media and public lectures.
It will also convene an annual public policy conference on a significant social, political and economic issue which are important to the stakeholders. It will organize mini policy forums and community forums in co-sponsorship with the national issues forums.